Case Study

How I 2x'd this B2B SaaS's sign ups with top tier customers

Vertical: Communications

Account type: B2B SaaS

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Mitch Cartwright
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The Challenge

There are two primary challenges with acquiring customers for a communication SaaS product. 

1) There are hundreds of options for people to choose from. Competition is (really) fierce.  

2) Misuse of SMS/emailing tools is rampant - essentially there are a lot of users you don’t want to attract to sign up because they never intend to pay or want to use the product for evil.

The Solution

To counter these issues we made a couple game changing moves in the account.

First, we started identifying what high quality customers looked like and where they’re coming from. To do this we used a third-party service to rate new customers post-signup. This rating enabled us to perform a conversion upload to Google Ads, automating the identification of high-quality customer sources.

Now we could clearly see that we were spending $X and getting X real amount of B2B leads.

Once we had ~3 months of this data of seeing exactly where there highly rated sign ups are coming from, we then did a mass cull of keywords that were driving low quality sign ups.

The Results

This strategic shift yielded immediate and significant improvements:

  • Lead generation skyrocketed: High-quality signups more than doubled, from 82 to 175 per month.
  • Cost efficiency soared: The cost per sign-up plunged by 55%, stretching marketing dollars further.
  • Conversions blossomed: The conversion rate jumped 34%, translating leads into satisfied customers.